200 Club Winners 


Listed below are the winners this year to date. We hope all existing members will rejoin, and if you are not yet a member (or indeed want an extra chance) it only costs £20 for the year.

Draw 1

£300 D W Smith

£100 Andy Brough

£50 Jim Wallace

Bottle Andrew Diston

Draw 2

£50 Thomas Holyland

£30 Margaret Heaphy

£20 Ian Bone

Bottle John Bowra


Draw 3

£50 Bruce Mercer

£30 John Theed

£20 Mick Wiffen

Bottle TBC


Draw 4

£50 Martin Barlow

£30 Andy Brough

£20 Ian Bone

Bottle Neal Williams

Draw 5

£50 Shirley Smith

£30 Old Finchleians FC

£20 Liz McGill

Bottle Jan Barlow


Draw 6

£50 Brian Fuller

£30 Andy Brough

£20 Howard Masters

Bottle Jim Wallace

Draw 7

£50 Dave Holyland

£30 Andrew Diston

£20 Mr & Mrs P Bowra

Bottle John Wilkes


Draw 8

£50 Margaret Heaphy

£30 Roger Bone

£20 Derek Dunton

Bottle Simon Vandyk

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